Florence, Italy

OK, the location is actually a bit of a lie. We’re in fact on train from Rome to Florence, due to get in in the next fifteen minutes. Lush green Italian countryside is swooshing past us on both sides, and I’ve just been brought a free espresso and a packet of delicious lemon biscuits. In many ways, this is the perfect Italian train journey. It also forms part of what has been, in many ways, the perfect Italian tour. So far, we’ve performed in some of my favourite venues in the world: the Teatro La Fenice in Venice; the Parco della Musica in Rome; the Conservatorio G. Verdi in Milan. And tonight, we’re at what I might be so bold to call our Italian home – the Teatro della Pergola in Florence. It’s always such a joy to be back in Florence. Not just because the hotel is very comfortable, the food is exquisite, the audience is so kind, the city is breathtakingly gorgeous and the food is totally yummy. There’s something in the very fabric of the city and how it’s built – with buildings so close together and cobbled streets – that reminds me of where I grew up: in boarding schools and university colleges, with friends forever poking their heads out of windows to speak to you as you walked past. I could very, very happily live in Florence.

And so now, just before our train arrives, I should pack my laptop away. Tonight we have a free evening (as our concert is a matinee) and tomorrow is a day off, with only travel to Genoa. I’m looking forward to getting lost in Florence tonight and falling in love with the city again.


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