Finding Harmony Ambassadors

Under the direction of The King’s Singers Global Foundation, we are delighted to announce a new outreach programme, in which we’re partnering with three UK-based charitable organisations: Soundabout, The Prison Choir Project and Together Productions.  These three charities have become ‘Ambassadors’ for our new mission, Finding Harmony, which aims to celebrate the power music has to bring people together all over the world.

The Ambassadors, each of which will each receive a donation from The King’s Singers Global Foundation, will also take part in free workshops with the group, culminating in a celebratory Finding Harmony Live event in London on Friday 29 May 2020.

Commenting on the Ambassadors, The King’s Singers said:

“Finding Harmony is a mission close to our hearts.  We are aiming to show how singing brings people together, as it has done for thousands of years, at times of discourse and celebration, in war and in love.  The work of our chosen Ambassadors mirrors the spirit of Finding Harmony, by finding ways to improve lives and bring people together, so the partnerships are a really exciting opportunity for us to get involved and make a difference to people’s lives in our own small way.”

Our three Finding Harmony Ambassadors cover a broad and extraordinary range of initiatives as follows:

Soundabout is a charity that uses music to empower and unlock the potential of people with severe and profound learning disabilities. Their multi-sensory music-making techniques help to stimulate communication, learning and self-expression, enabling people who may be unable to hold an instrument or speak to make their own unique contribution.

The Prison Choir Project aims to help rehabilitate prisoners by improving mental, physical and social wellbeing through music. Through music — particularly singing — they aim to provide a pathway towards a reduction in reoffending, and an improvement in confidence and employability for inmates;

Together Productions bring people who otherwise would not meet together to create ground-breaking artistic work.  They run The Mixed Up Chorus – founded to create empathy and understanding between people from different walks of life – and the Sing for Freedom Choir, which brings refugees who are survivors of torture together with local residents to sing.  For the last three years, their Singing Our Lives project has been connecting hundreds of professional and non-professional singers, instrumentalists and communities across London and the South East to compose and perform new music together. 

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