En route to Limoges airport

This time next week I’ll have sung my last concert with the King’s Singers. That’s quite a sobering thought, I have to admit. I was 27 years old when I started in the group, and on Saturday, which is the day of my last concert, it will be my 54th birthday. I’ve still got four concerts to go, one at Snape Maltings Concert Hall in the lovely East Anglian county of Suffolk, and three in France. Then I get to have a holiday in the South of France, which given our schedule over the last few weeks, I’ll need. Last weekend we were flying back from Salt Lake City, before heading straight to Germany. We flew back from Frankfurt yesterday morning, and for once I went for the early flight option. That’s not my preference, but I needed to get home to unpack and repack before driving off again to catch a ferry to France. Today I’m driving down to Limoges to leave my car there in readiness for our French trip. After so many years of flights and hire cars, when I’m on holiday I prefer to drive my own car (I also steer clear of hotels as much as I can). Later today I have a short flight back to Southampton in readiness for our concert in Snape tomorrow, and will fly back to Limoges on Wednesday with the rest of the KS for the first of the French concerts. The logistics are slightly crazy, but to drive from Snape to Villefavard on the concert day would not have been sensible. As it is, I’m enjoying an early taste of holiday as I head south on the (so far) empty roads of western France. Tomorrow’s drive from home to Snape will, by contrast, be on the busy M25 London orbital motorway. Given where I live, and where Snape is, I’ve really no alternative. The only choice I have is whether I go north or south of London on the M25.


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