When dreams come true

Cast your mind back to the last time you were experiencing something and you said to yourself, ‘imagine doing that?!’. It could be something you see online or on TV – an exotic location in an Attenborough documentary springs to mind – or even hearing a friend reminisce about a holiday experience they had. I’m constantly adding to my bucket list and I hope I continue to do so! I’ve heard the expression ‘dreams are free’ and I like that and I spend a lot of time nowadays encouraging others to dream big. The realisation of that dream may not be entirely free but up until that point the wallet has hopefully not needed to be opened!

Does anyone remember what they were doing in August, 2008? Well, I eagerly attended The King’s Singers 40th Anniversary Prom. It conveniently coincided with our tour of England, us being the ChristChurch Cathedral Choir from little old New Zealand. I thought it was a brilliant concert and I remember chatting to my fellow choristers afterwards and we all thought Stephen Connolly was hilarious in Widdicombe Fair! Paul was an excellent soloist and David was at his mercurial best. (Mercurial might imply that at the time I was well-versed with David’s career, which I wasn’t, but with the benefit of singing with him for four years I feel I can use that word here!) I remember leaving and having two thoughts: imagine singing with The King’s Singers, and imagine singing on the stage of the Royal Albert Hall?! Well, fast-forward nearly ten years and last night, not only was I now singing with The King’s Singers but I also sang with them in the Royal Albert Hall. Twice! Talk about living the dream…It was a real pinch yourself moment and I know Mum and Dad were looking down and smiling knowingly to themselves. Having Mum’s oldest and best friend Mary, along with her daughter Alison, in the audience for the matinee performance was really special. They’re the closest to Mum’s family that I have in the UK and I brought them onstage after the show to introduce them to John Rutter (brief fan-girl moment!) and take a picture in that magnificent space. For the evening performance I had some Kiwi friends in the audience from my days in the Cathedral, Margaret and Andrew, and so that was equally special catching up with them afterwards before dashing home on the second-to-last train of the day.

One day later and I’m still buzzing! Between you and me, I do hope it’s not the last time I perform in that magnificent venue. But if it is then, for an afternoon and an evening, that question to myself back in 2008 has now been answered. When dreams come true it’s ok to allow yourself to have a little moment and say, ‘wow, I don’t have to imagine that anymore. That actually happened…’


p.s. Yes, that is a burger. Not as glamorous as the backdrop.




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