Coming down the home straight

Well, it’s hard to believe that a year ago we had just come back from the first GOLD tour of the States and were having some time off before heading to the Faroe Islands for the first time in the group’s history. Fast-forward twelve months and we’ve sung a further 120-odd gigs – not including workshops, masterclasses and other media responsibilities – as far away as New Zealand and Australia, Asia, the US, Canada and all around Europe! And we’ve still got 20 to go! Where has the year gone?!!

Right now, I’m sitting in a cafe in Oxford waiting for Liz to join me for a quick dinner before she goes to her weekly jewellery course and then I’m going to see a Kiwi mate of mine from Christchurch, who sings with the BBC Singers, perform at the Holywell Music Room. As always, it’ll be lovely being in the audience for a welcome change. It was this friend who encouraged me years ago to figure out what my version of making it was and then just go for it and follow my dreams. He said that it didn’t matter whether that was to sing the solos in Handel’s Messiah once a year, to sing at Covent Garden or The Met, or to work during the week and have a Sunday job in London or sing a solo with the local parish choir. The most important thing was that I was determining what my level of making it was and I didn’t have to satisfy anyone else’s brief. Looking back, before The King’s Singers was on my horizon, my version of making it was a) to sing and b) to travel. When the time comes to hang up my touring boots, I don’t think I can have many complaints about seeing the world with some incredible musicians and friends!

I can only imagine what Chris and Tim must be feeling as they approach the end of this chapter of their lives. Probably a real mix of emotions and some which will sink in more in the weeks, months and years to come. I’m really excited, as I’m sure you are, to hear more about their next moves as they begin to become a reality. What’s left is to make sure we give them the best send-off we can and continue to sing in some stellar venues for some wonderful audiences! We are all in such a privileged position to do what we love. I know not everyone gets the opportunity to say that and I hope I never take it for granted.

Thanks for your continued support and if I don’t see you in the next month or so then have a lovely Christmas and take care of yourself.

Bye for now!


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