Google Hangout: Thursday 13 November 2014 10:00 GMT+1

As we travel around the world, one of the things most commented on is our sound. Perhaps the most surprising thing is that, despite the group being in its 47th season, people say that our sound is still the same as it was when they first heard The King’s Singers, be that twenty, thirty, forty, or even forty-six years ago. On one level, it’s lovely to know that we’re still true to the sound the original group chose to make. But our reasons for making this ‘King’s Singers sound’ are more complex than simply nostalgia. In our next Google Hangout on Thursday 13th November at 10:00 GMT +1, Tim and Chris G will be live from Erba, Italy to discuss why it is that our particular sound is so important to us.

This is where you come in. We’d love to have your input. If you have any questions you’re burning to ask about our group sound, please get in touch with us on either Facebook or Twitter. On Facebook, we’ll put a dedicated post up later today to which we’d love you to respond to with any questions you have about our group sound. On Twitter, please tweet us your questions using our @kingssingers Twitter handle. You can post your questions anytime from now until the end of the hangout on Thursday, and Chris and Tim will try to get through as many of them as possible. Some questions we initially thought of are:


What do we mean by creating a group sound?

How do we go about creating “The King’s Singers sound”, and what’s particular about it?

What factors can influence your group sound?

Is one group sound right for kinds of repertoire?


We so look forward to hearing from you.

The link to the Google Hangout will be posted on the Ensemble Hub on Thursday morning from 09:45 GMT+1.  And, for those of you that might find it difficult to watch the Google Hangout live, you’ll be able to watch the Hangout uploaded to YouTube after it’s finished.

So now all that’s left to do is to get your thinking caps on and to send your questions our way!


Photography: Chris O’Donovan


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