令和 ‘Beautiful Harmony’; London, UK

It’s lovely to be back home for a few days, before the final tour of this first term with the new 2019 line-up! Quite pleasingly, we finish term just in time for my 29th birthday next Wednesday, so I can celebrate and relax at home in London with friends and family which is an exciting thought.

Following on from GOLD in 2018, I’d assumed that KS work life thereafter would be (slightly) slower-paced and (slightly) less full-on… how wrong I was! The six of us have been working so hard this term to ensure that the transition of membership is going seamlessly, our new relationship with Intermusica is flourishing, as well as planning and organising some artistically very stimulating projects to come in the next couple of years… I can’t wait for the launch of our 2019/2020 project!

In other news, I’ve been looking to Japan a lot recently, particularly in the run-up to the New Imperial Era being announced earlier this week. How fitting that in today’s world, the New Era is called ‘Reiwa’ (translated as ‘Beautiful Harmony’); they really got this one right! Funnily enough, our 2019/2020 programme and new album may or may not be vaguely related to this concept… I’ll say nothing more for now!

Japan has been on my mind recently for three further reasons. Firstly, my mother – an expert in UK-Japan cultural relations – is helping to organise a special KS concert in Tokyo this July in honour of the New Era, which is very exciting indeed; secondly, I’ve started revising my Japanese Kanji-writing in idle moments (when travelling, etc.), which is bringing back lots of childhood memories from when I studied Japanese at school; and thirdly, I’m planning a work-holiday trip to Japan in the first half of September with my family, in which I’ll be performing several solo and duet song recitals with my girlfriend Victoria (soprano) and my father accompanying (piano/organ), organised again by my amazing mother, under the auspices of our family-run UK-Japan Music Society. As well as visiting Tokyo, Kiyosato, Osaka, Kobe and Fukui on the bullet train, there’ll be time for a few days hiking and spa treatment up in Hokkaido too, where I’ve always wanted to visit. I’m especially looking forward to trying the local ‘uni’ (sea urchin) at this restaurant, sampling as many of these ramen dishes as possible and popping by the Sapporo Beer Museum. 🤪


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