Street Songs

Street Songs

Singers: David Hurley, Nigel Short, Paul Phoenix, Gabriel Crouch, Philip Lawson, Stephen Connolly. With Evelyn Glennie, percussion and Stanley Glasser, whistler.

Label: BMG Classics Year: 1997

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1.Street Songs: Poor RogerSteve Martland
2.Return Of The Moon: In A Far Off PlacePeter Klatzow
3.Return Of The Moon: Prayer To The New MoonPeter Klatzow
4.Return Of The Moon: Blue Mist Like SmokePeter Klatzow
5.Return Of The Moon: Rainmaking With A BowstringPeter Klatzow
6.Return Of The Moon: Song Of The Broken StringPeter Klatzow
7.Street Songs: Oranges And LemonsSteve Martland
8.HorizonsPeter Louis Van Dijk
9.Reaching OutDavid Horne
10.Lalela Zulu: Ilihubo (Chant)Lewis Nkosi - Stanley Glasser
11.Lalela Zulu: Mambabo! (Wow!)Lewis Nkosi - Stanley Glasser
12.Lalela Zulu: Lala Mntwana (Sleep, Child)Lewis Nkosi - Stanley Glasser
13.Lalela Zulu: Uhambo Ngesitmela (Train Journey)Lewis Nkosi - Stanley Glasser
14.Lalela Zulu: E-Goli (Johannesburg)Lewis Nkosi - Stanley Glasser
15.Lalela Zulu: Umdanso Wasegoli (Johannesburg Dance)Lewis Nkosi - Stanley Glasser
16.Street Songs: Green GravelSteve Martland
17.GilesEvelyn Glennie
18.Street Songs: Jenny JonesSteve Martland

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